Business Casual Giraffe. (via UptownAlmanac)

pop. (via stevencloud)


Everyone’s doing the Robocop. (via unrth)

Through the looking glass.

In honor of Yuri’s Night, that great space party.

Beautiful data visualizations. (via DaringFireball)

I had the privilege to attend this LoveTech show (front row, right behind dude’s big head), as well as attend a follow-up performance at Hotel Utah last Wednesday. And I am presently very in love with this little reconstruction from the night—the moving type, the sacred geometry, and the beautiful cityscapes in virtual-space. Just brilliant.

If you haven’t already, immediately go pick up the outstanding Day’s Away album by Nonagon, then link into the concert schedule with CSTNG SHDWS to check them out live.

All your base are belong to us. (via Nonagon)

A 70-foot love affair. (vie ekosystem)

Amazing… FULL CG! (watch it full screen)

“Hello, can I be your friend?”

Man-machine. (via likeCOOL)

It’s party time. (via Nedroid)


Zebra. (via Big Picture)

Today IS a good day. (via SpareTime)

I know this has been going around the net for a few days now, but if you haven’t seen it make sure to take a few minutes out of your day and watch it with the sound turned on. Absolute brillance!

A designer knows he has achieved perfection—not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Cracks in the fabric.

Copper wire. (via Gizmodo)

The King of Pop (via PDN)

GERBIL ATTACK! (via DarkRoasted)

Great and good are seldom the same man.

Winston Churchill